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25 Feb

Day 7 of my “vintage edit” week! I was racking my brains for an idea as i drove past the train tracks…next thing i know i’ve pulled over and am standing right on the tracks, it’s the quickest photo i’ve ever taken 😛



24 Feb

Hello lovelies! I’ve been vegetating on the couch all day, my darling husband thought he would be considerate and share his head cold with me. Cue me coughing and spluttering – very attractive, not.

Anyway, here’s today’s pic 😀



23 Feb

I had a total blonde moment. I FORGOT that i have the most amazing book ever, that i picked up from a 2nd hand book store a few years ago. I feel i’ve betrayed it’s awesomeness by storing it right at the bottom of a box, hidden away from the light of day, choking it in dust and withholding  it from realising it’s full potential.

Are you intruiged?

I’ll take some pics and do a seperate post on it, but for now……the back cover. How perfectly do the scrabble tiles fit in the little areas? Like a hand and a glove.

51 & 52/365

22 Feb

I apologise for my slack-ness, i have no excuse, no excuse at all!

In following with the vintagey-edit theme this week, i give you yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s photos 😀

I hope you’re having a lovely day, wherever you are in the world xx