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37 & 38/365

7 Feb

So i was totally slack yesterday and didn’t get around to posting my photo of the day! So today you get two scoops in your photo cone 😛

I had a lovely morning of chatting and coffee with two lovely ladies and our favourite little dude…

And today i received a little surprise in the mail from a friend. She knows i collect swizzle sticks and posted me one she found in her travels. How thoughtful!



29 Jan

It’s 45° C (113°F) and our main air conditioner is broken! I’m melting!

After a mad sprint to the supermarket, i’ve been hibernating in our tiny little study with the door shut and the little air con cranked. Tis the only way!

Anyway, today’s photo. I have a great little collection of vintage swizzle sticks, here’s one of them, macro style.

Cocktail, anyone? ♥