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5 more sleeps…

25 Feb

…Until i see my family again. It’s been 10 months! I’m really really really really really excited 😀

Here’s a pic of my lovely parents on Mother’s Day last year:

And because i’m feeling a tad random today, i have a few more things to say!

This stuff is delicious.

This movie is the best in the world.

This is seriously, honestly the BEST lipbalm i have EVER come across. And it’s packaged all pretty. AND it’s au naturale (vegan). The shade is PERFECT, it feels and tastes yummy, and the price is so right.

You can buy it from OrangeThyme on Etsy. I highly recommend the Jasmine Grapefruit perfume oil from there as well.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to those who stop by my little slice of Blog Land. I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look, and to comment. I do my best to visit you back!

It’s friday afternoon and i am so ready to party go to sleep. Hope all is well with you, wherever you are in the world xx


5 thoughts in my head…

13 Jan

1. The electrician coming this afternoon had better not open my wardrobe. He may never be seen again under the avalanche of clothes and pillows and shoes hastily thrown in there in anticipation of his arrival.

2. I have newfound respect for Anna Bligh . She has reinforced my pride in being a Queenslander.

3. Can’t stop planning and getting excited for our 2nd wedding anniversary trip.

4. Badinage is my word of the day.

5. Feeling a little uninspired photography wise. Hopefully that will change when the sun finally comes out.

/random post.