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Etsy Love

12 Jan

I thought this was a rather apt etsy posting – the flooding has absolutely devastated most of the beautiful state of Queensland.

Red Letter Words

Valentina Design

The Dancing Brush

Wanda D McPhee

Please keep the victims of the flood disaster in your thoughts and prayers ♥


Qld Floods

11 Jan

Today i am

– Thinking of my family and everyone affected by the flooding in Queensland. They’re calling it an “inland tsunami” and there are at least 8 people confirmed dead and many more still missing.

So horrific. You can read about it all Here

If you can, please donate to the Flood Appeal


9 Jan

After the rain, comes the flooding. We went down to a creek that pretty much always swells hugely after rain, and took some photos. We were there for approximately 30 minutes, and in that time the water grew from nothing, to over the 1metre marker.

 The Mr made friends with an old man, they chatted on such matters as the government, cricket, and what they were having for dinner.

I met some very cute Aboriginal sisters – they were so friendly and photogenic!

Today's photo for Project 365