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20 Jan

My colour of the moment is royal blue. And i have a bit of a thing for lace. Imagine my excitement to spot this baby going for a steal on ebay! Loving it ♥



6 Jan

Started off as hot and muggy, then we had a storm, then the sun peeped it’s head out, and now it’s hot and steamy again! Make up your mind weather, you fickle thing.

Some pretty lace arrived in the mail today ♥

And Charli & I frolicked while the sun was out. She practiced her moves on the catwalk (haha oh i crack myself up…)

Then i had a big phone chat with a very dear friend. And indulged in a cup of tea….and chocolate 🙂

This next photo reminds me of the Carly Simon song – You’re so vain. The bit where it goes I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee…Clouds in my coffee…

I suppose i’d better hang some clothes on the line while the sun is out 😛