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What i did today

2 Jan

As per my previous post, Brady and I had the pleasure of hanging out with our little mate Cayden today! We had a lovely couple of hours, though i’m embarressed to admit how much more energy a 3 ½ year old has compared to me! I’m kicking myself for posting the previous picture before our playdate ended, because i got some much better ones afterwards!

(I considered cheating changing the challenge photo, but thought nah, why not just post more pics 😛 )

‘Scuse hubby’s filthy feet :O

Poor Buzz got a workout!

This afternoon i’ve been preparing some delicious foodstuffs for the BBQ we’re having tonight! I’ve done a yummy potato salad, caramelised some onions, made a salad, prepared some big mushrooms for grilling,  marinated some meat….and made some rocky road cups. You know, in case I my guests get peckish after dinner!

And please, join me in an anti-raindance. I’ll be the ridiculous looking one. You can’t miss me.



2 Jan

Okay, day 2 – so far so good 😛

We’ve been hanging out with our little buddy Cayden today. This is him being cheeky in the car. I’m stoked that the settings were completely manual, as was the focus!