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My sister.

30 Mar

This is my sister. Isn’t she gorgeous?

You can generate this effect for your photos here.


Our Christmas

26 Dec

Yesterday was Christmas Day, and what a lovely day it was. Being just the two of us this year, we slept in a little, had a coffee and opened our (ridiculously huge amount of) presents at a leisurely pace.

We had a lovely lunch of salad, cold ham, garlic prawns, and lots of little treats. And a rather potent punch to wash it all down!

Santa putting Jamie Oliver to shame

And we spoke to our loved ones who we were so far away from. Cue the (mostly) happy tears!

 All in all we ate, we drank and we were merry.

Today is all about relaxing, watching cricket and eating leftovers. I’d show you a picture of the leftovers but most of them somehow ended up in my belly 😉