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I am Prejudiced.

5 Apr

I have a love affair with Pride & Prejudice. I collect different editions and re-read it a lot. I thought it was really cool when i saw that the character April in the movie Definitely, Maybe collects editions of Jane Eyre in the hope of finding one she was given as a child by her father. But Pride & Prejudice is better 😛

I recently happened upon this copy, which contains digitally-cleaned original drawings! Love!

And whilst this next passage wasn’t particularly successful for *sigh* Mr Darcy, i just love it anyway. And hey, he got the girl in the end anyway which is all that matters 😉

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m going to frame it and put it with some wedding photos ♥  I got this from the gorgeous Etsy shop, Brookish. If you love Jane Austen, this is the store for you my friend!


Etsy Love

28 Mar

You know it’s going to be a good day when you get one two THREE little etsy packages in the mail!

Let me show you my new purchases….

When i saw this gorgeous lip balm from Sage and Mage, i knew i had to have it!

When i opened the parcel the most amazing aroma wafted out – all rosy and herby and magical! The lovely Gennifer even included a sample of  her Organic Rose Chai Tea – which i can’t wait to try!

The next package was from The Chip Chop Shop – super cute bright doilies! Cheerful or what?

And last but by no means least, some delicious bits and pieces from Orange Thyme

I told you a little while ago about the Cherry lip tint i had discovered – well i used it alot while i was home on holidays and EVERYONE who saw it wanted one too. So i had to get a couple more to give as gifts!

I also got some scrumptious perfume oils – Sweet Milk and Honey, and Jasmine Grapefruit. Divine.

Have i mentioned how much i adore Etsy?

Etsy Love

15 Jan

If i had a dress like this, all would be right with the world. I just know it.

Dress by Aiseirigh

Etsy Love

12 Jan

I thought this was a rather apt etsy posting – the flooding has absolutely devastated most of the beautiful state of Queensland.

Red Letter Words

Valentina Design

The Dancing Brush

Wanda D McPhee

Please keep the victims of the flood disaster in your thoughts and prayers ♥

An Etsy Arrival

10 Jan

Something arrived in the mail today!



Curiouser & Curiouser


Oh yay! Goodies!


Super cute tags - and they smell good too!


Vintage trim & lace for my stash ♥


Sweetest vintage pillow cases ever - in pristine condition!


From the lovely store, A Little Shabby Shack

What’s in the box?

7 Jan


Where did this box even come from?

All the way to Australia from America? Wowsers!

Okay, i’ll open it…

Oh it’s the pretty vintage brooch i ordered from one of my favourite Etsy-ers

And in plenty of time for Valentines Day!


7 Jan

Today’s photo is of yet another Etsy purchase. The blues and greens are all vintage elastics, and the brown is beautiful vintage velvet. I just love playing with them, they’re so pretty ♥

My cup runneth over.

One week down, 51 to go!