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A not-much weekend

4 Apr

Hello! I hope you had/are having a marvellous weekend  ♥

The Mr & I had a rather uneventful and totally domestic one. Let me show you!

First of all, we went garage-saling and then to the local fruit wholesaler who is only open a few hours on Saturdays. We got lots of supplies!

The cat promptly claimed the box, as she’s prone to doing.

Then our microwave went to microwave heaven, so we got a newbie. Very boring.

Then on Sunday i spent half the day perusing a few of my current favourite cookbooks…

…and then started on a few library books. Libraries are under-rated!

And that’s about it! I’d love to hear what you got up to  ♥ xx



9 Feb

I’m having severe inspiration desperation today! A rather uninspired shot of the cat….

Home alone

20 Jan

The Mr is working nights at the moment, so it’s just the cat and i at home. This is us watching the world go by out the back door. Excuse the gaping hole in the fly-screen, Charli considers the door her own personal Everest, and climbs to the top as often as she can.


6 Jan

Started off as hot and muggy, then we had a storm, then the sun peeped it’s head out, and now it’s hot and steamy again! Make up your mind weather, you fickle thing.

Some pretty lace arrived in the mail today ♥

And Charli & I frolicked while the sun was out. She practiced her moves on the catwalk (haha oh i crack myself up…)

Then i had a big phone chat with a very dear friend. And indulged in a cup of tea….and chocolate 🙂

This next photo reminds me of the Carly Simon song – You’re so vain. The bit where it goes I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee…Clouds in my coffee…

I suppose i’d better hang some clothes on the line while the sun is out 😛

2 years today…

2 Jan

Brady came home one morning after nightshift and told me a workmate was giving away kittens. We were so excited and went over to his house straight away. There was a litter of tiny little ginger cats, and i was going to pick one that kept coming up to me – but Brady wanted the one with cool markings who was trying her best to escape!

She had no fear right from the start and was climbing curtains and hanging off doors within hours of coming home. We almost named her “Kazi”, short for Kamikaze – she was crazy!

Thank you for two years full of laughter, love, fun and exasperation. We love you Charli ♥