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Last night

3 Jan

…was such a fun, laughter and music-filled evening. My inner trashbag may or may not have not shined through….especially breaking it down to a bit of Kanye on the radio 😛

My gorgeous friend and I concocted a Punch of lethal proportions…

And what started off like this…

Soon ended up more like this….

Meanwhile, the menfolk were bonding over the BBQ and beer…

And tell me, is this a universal guy-stance? 😛

All in all it was a fantastic night, and part of my new years resolution to further friendships and cement new ones! ♥


What i did today

2 Jan

As per my previous post, Brady and I had the pleasure of hanging out with our little mate Cayden today! We had a lovely couple of hours, though i’m embarressed to admit how much more energy a 3 ½ year old has compared to me! I’m kicking myself for posting the previous picture before our playdate ended, because i got some much better ones afterwards!

(I considered cheating changing the challenge photo, but thought nah, why not just post more pics 😛 )

‘Scuse hubby’s filthy feet :O

Poor Buzz got a workout!

This afternoon i’ve been preparing some delicious foodstuffs for the BBQ we’re having tonight! I’ve done a yummy potato salad, caramelised some onions, made a salad, prepared some big mushrooms for grilling,  marinated some meat….and made some rocky road cups. You know, in case I my guests get peckish after dinner!

And please, join me in an anti-raindance. I’ll be the ridiculous looking one. You can’t miss me.