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Banana cupcakes…yum.

22 Feb

We had some almost-dead bananas in the fruit bowl just begging to be made into a cake! Since the cyclone last month affected the major banana growing region of Qld – which pushed up the prices, i really didn’t want to waste them! 😛

How cute are the cupcake cases? Love them.

Can you guess how much i’m hearting the vintage effects lately? 🙂

The icing is cream cheese and lemon flavour – with a little coconut sprinkled on top.

They’re calling my name from the kitchen….eaaaaaat meeeeee…..

I really shouldn’t.

Okay, maybe just the one….

PS – happy to be participating in Tasty Tuesday on FTLOB  xx


Does this mean i need to bake a cake?

20 Feb

This being the gorgeous vintage cake stand that i bought at the markets this morning.

And i adopted a little italian fellow!

What did you do today? xx