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9 Jan

After the rain, comes the flooding. We went down to a creek that pretty much always swells hugely after rain, and took some photos. We were there for approximately 30 minutes, and in that time the water grew from nothing, to over the 1metre marker.

 The Mr made friends with an old man, they chatted on such matters as the government, cricket, and what they were having for dinner.

I met some very cute Aboriginal sisters – they were so friendly and photogenic!

Today's photo for Project 365



“Gone Bush”

8 Jan

So the Mr has been working nights (and therefore sleeping during the day) this past week. I decided to get out of the house for a little while, and so took myself on a little adventure. I’ve previously mentioned a little bit about where i live – which is the Australian Outback. Drive about 5 minutes out of town and you’re in the bush. We have a lake about 20km’s out of town, which is both our town’s water source, and a place for recreation.

On the way! How pretty are the clouds 🙂

On my way i noticed the spot where a bushfire had ripped through a few weeks ago…

The gumtrees are so lovely…

Can you see how the leaves on this tree are mostly red but there’s a green patch at the back that escaped the heat?

"It'll take more than a measly bushfire to get rid of ME"

Oh the skies are so big out here.

And the people are very friendly. I had three different cars stop behind me to see that i wasn’t in trouble, being parked on the side of the road. How nice is that?

I finally got out to the lake, and spent some time sitting by the water. You can see a picture in the post below! 🙂

Home is where the heart is

30 Dec

I thought I would share a little about where I live. There’s lots of Australian bloggers out there these days, but I think I may be the only “outback” one.

I live in a little(ish) place called Mount Isa. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere:

It is primarily a mining town, we moved here 2 years ago as my husband works as an underground driller.

According to Wikipedia, we are 904 km (562 mi) from the nearest “big city” (or civilisation, as i refer to it on a bad day 😛 ). It takes a full day’s driving to get there. My home town is the Sunshine Coast, just above Brisbane. Hubby is originally from Tasmania, which is where we “eloped” to in July 2009.

Back to Mount Isa: It’s a very dry place for the majority of the year, but most December/January’s include very heavy rain, which cuts us off from truck and train deliveries, and grounds planes. So far this year we haven’t had much rain, but the “wet season” is far from over!

There aren’t many shops here (okay that’s sort of a lie, i should clarify and say there aren’t many interesting shops), which is why i do 90% of my shopping online! Ebay and Etsy are my online flea markets for vintage-y goodness, and Etsy again for amazing one-of-a-kind stuff and things ♥

A few of my pics of “The Isa”

The mine by night

My favourite bits: we have very “big” blue skies. And we have a lush green park where peacocks roam free. A real life oasis in the desert.