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3 Mar

As i was pawing through my mother’s old recipe books,  i stumbled across something that completely melted my heart.

My father gave this recipe book to my mother on their 4th wedding anniversary….they’re celebrating their 25th this year ♥


On this day…

27 Jan
…six years ago, i met my future husband.

It was my first day at my first “real” job after graduating high school, and i was so nervous! The job was administration for a courier company, and most of the faces i met were a blur that i wouldn’t be able to put names to for a few weeks. All except one. I liked him on first sight, and for the next few months he’d be referred to by my friends and i as “cute courier boy” 😛

Turns out he liked me too, but it took him until April to work up the courage to ask me out. And the rest is history ♥

Our first photograph together

Our wedding day

I ♥ my cute courier boy!

2 years today…

2 Jan

Brady came home one morning after nightshift and told me a workmate was giving away kittens. We were so excited and went over to his house straight away. There was a litter of tiny little ginger cats, and i was going to pick one that kept coming up to me – but Brady wanted the one with cool markings who was trying her best to escape!

She had no fear right from the start and was climbing curtains and hanging off doors within hours of coming home. We almost named her “Kazi”, short for Kamikaze – she was crazy!

Thank you for two years full of laughter, love, fun and exasperation. We love you Charli ♥