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A favourite…

18 Apr

I took this photo about 6 weeks ago when i was home – this is my second family and i love them to bits. We had a very impromptu “sesh”, and this is one of my most favourite photos that i’ve ever taken.

It shows a moment in time. A perfectly imperfect moment in time. This is how i think a family portrait should be!

I also wanted to say thank you SO much to everyone who shared their hints and tricks in flea elimination. I’ll get rid of those suckers if it’s the last thing i do! 😛 xx


I am Prejudiced.

5 Apr

I have a love affair with Pride & Prejudice. I collect different editions and re-read it a lot. I thought it was really cool when i saw that the character April in the movie Definitely, Maybe collects editions of Jane Eyre in the hope of finding one she was given as a child by her father. But Pride & Prejudice is better 😛

I recently happened upon this copy, which contains digitally-cleaned original drawings! Love!

And whilst this next passage wasn’t particularly successful for *sigh* Mr Darcy, i just love it anyway. And hey, he got the girl in the end anyway which is all that matters 😉

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m going to frame it and put it with some wedding photos ♥  I got this from the gorgeous Etsy shop, Brookish. If you love Jane Austen, this is the store for you my friend!

Dough Dough Birds.

3 Mar

Interesting title, no?

Mum and I (but mostly Mum) spent the afternoon making pizza! We made the dough and everything 😀

They were so delicious, you can’t even image. We did one with potato, garlic and rosemary from the garden, and the other was bacon, mushroom, capsicum, olives, basil from the garden and boccocini.

One day you will be mine, my pretty!

*Officially crediting Dad for this photo 😛

The potato one

The basil and boccocini one

Bellisimo! xx


1 Mar

So i entered  that sunset photo from a few days ago into the local newspaper, and it got printed! Yay!

I took the photo of the photo last night, so it’s not great, but i was a little excited!

I posted the pic on here a few days ago, see it here.

Christchurch Earthquake

23 Feb

My heart is breaking for the people affected by yesterday’s earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. There are currently 75 confirmed as deceased, with grave fears for up to a hundred or more.

The video footage and images coming out is absolutely devastating.

Please say a prayer for those in need.

A sunny afternoon.

18 Feb

I’m a bit high on life tonight! I had a marvellous afternoon with the Mr and have lots of pics to share 😀

It was one of those perfect moments where everything is good and you don’t have a worry in the world.

Wedding Memories

6 Feb

Happy Sunday morning (or whatever day and time it is at your place) everyone ♥

I thought i’d share with you a little trip down memory lane, back to my wedding day.

It was the middle of winter – July 25 2009, and we “eloped” to a magical old house in Tasmania, Australia. Our only guests were The Mr’s sister who was a witness, and a dear friend of mine who flew across from Melbourne and both photographed and witnessed the wedding too.

Being so unused to having photos taken as opposed to being the photo taker freaked me out! For that reason, and so we could show our families every little facet of our day, i wanted lots of shots of “the little things”, which my friend did an excellent job of.

We wrote each other letters which we read before the ceremony

The Mr’s sister (oh look, a bit of poetry) helped him get ready before waiting for me at the chapel…

…While i took a few moments to reflect.

And then it was time. As i walked down the red carpet aisle with candles all the way down, i saw him and we both smiled through our (happy) tears.

And then it was done. After a kiss to seal the deal, we celebrated with a glass of champagne before having a little moment to ourselves.

I wore purple shoes for the ceremony, and changed into pink gumboots for trudging around for photos!

We were even lucky enough to have peacocks there on our magical day!

We were spoilt for choice when it came to scenic spots for photos ♥

We had our first dance in a courtyard surrounded with vines, lost in the moment and no need for music ♥

And then we braved the weather and went down to the beach 🙂

It was an amazing day ♥

The beautiful photography was done by my lovely friend Clare, of Clare Metcalf Photography ♥