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I am not a domestic goddess

19 Apr

I had Vine-Ripened Tomato with Baby Spinach & Feta Soup for dinner. It was delicious. Thick, full of flavour and just the right amount of chunks 🙂

It came from a carton.

Did you just faint?

That’s right, a carton 😛

You see, as much as i love to cook, sometime i just can’t be bothered. I felt somewhat fraudulent mincing about the Blogosphere full of amazing home-cooks and their amazing creations, and then there’s me who busts out the occasional moment of deliciousness.

And then i got over it. This isn’t a food blog, it’s a life blog…and sometimes i create share-worthy meals and share them. I love food, love reading about it, cooking it, eating it, photographing it. I have a ridiculously large collection of recipe books. But i’m not going to even attempt to create the facade of perfection…because that’s just not me. Give me real life any day!

I feel like i’m starting to find my feet in this cyber world of Blogs. The Fancy Flea has been around for 4 months now, and in that time i’ve almost walked away countless times. But along the way i’ve been propped up by complete strangers who took the time to comment on my post, and “met” some truly lovely people who i’d love to someday meet. I’ve been blinded by shiny pretty things, inspired by creative genius and had a glimpse of the lives of people on the other side of the world.

I feel secure in myself.

Well…that went in a totally different direction than i thought it would! Check out Donna Hay’s Roasted Pumpkin Soup , you won’t be disappointed ♥


Get stuffed.

28 Mar

Georgia from Bakery Bookery posted the recipe for Stuffed Capsicums with Quinoa & Mushrooms and as soon as i saw it i knew i had to try it!

I adapted it a leeetle because –

 a) do you think i could find fresh spinach in this whole entire town? That’s a negative. So i used some buk choy (which worked out splendidly!)

b) I had sultanas in the house so used them in the place of currants.

c) I knew it would be a struggle to get the Mr to even try it because it was meatless and looked “fancy”, so omitted the nuts in an attempt to make it more “Mr – friendly” (although really, he should just suck it up and eat what i cook 😉 )

d) Also “stuffed” some portobello mushroom cups.

It was surprisingly simple to do, and totally easy to mix and match and adapt. Thank you so much for posting it Georgia, it was delicious!

We wandered back outside to the “picnic nest” i’d made earlier in the day – see the post below!

Dough Dough Birds.

3 Mar

Interesting title, no?

Mum and I (but mostly Mum) spent the afternoon making pizza! We made the dough and everything 😀

They were so delicious, you can’t even image. We did one with potato, garlic and rosemary from the garden, and the other was bacon, mushroom, capsicum, olives, basil from the garden and boccocini.

One day you will be mine, my pretty!

*Officially crediting Dad for this photo 😛

The potato one

The basil and boccocini one

Bellisimo! xx

Banana cupcakes…yum.

22 Feb

We had some almost-dead bananas in the fruit bowl just begging to be made into a cake! Since the cyclone last month affected the major banana growing region of Qld – which pushed up the prices, i really didn’t want to waste them! 😛

How cute are the cupcake cases? Love them.

Can you guess how much i’m hearting the vintage effects lately? 🙂

The icing is cream cheese and lemon flavour – with a little coconut sprinkled on top.

They’re calling my name from the kitchen….eaaaaaat meeeeee…..

I really shouldn’t.

Okay, maybe just the one….

PS – happy to be participating in Tasty Tuesday on FTLOB  xx


3 Feb

So it seems like the latest “it” grain is quinoa. On my quest for interesting vegetarian meals it kept popping up and intruiged me!

I bit the bullet and bought some from a health shop on Ebay, and it arrived this afternoon 😀

Georgia from Bakery Bookery made a delicious looking Quinoa Tabbouleh that i’m dying to try!

And just looking at this Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf makes me hungry!

I’d love to hear your favourite recipes too ♥

I am an avocado fiend.

31 Jan

I demolished an entire avocado on my own for lunch. Pig!


21 Jan

Umm, i’m pretty sure i just had the best.smoothie.ever.

Mixed berries AND banana. And honey. And milk. And ice.

I took lots of shots from the “regular” angle, but i really like the crystal plastic detail of the cup ♥

PS – as a happy coincidence it’s Thirsty Thursday (well it’s friday here but what can you do? 😛 ) and i’m off to blog-hop!