About the Flea

Hello possums!

My name is Lauren and i’m a young married lass living in the middle of nowhere in Queensland, Australia. I live in a little old house with my husband Brady and our fur baby, Charli the cat.

My life revolves around books, baking, photography, craft, writing, etsy, beautiful blogs and online shopping. I am hoarder collector, and have ever growing collections of cook books, swizzle sticks, buttons, green glass bottles…and shoes.

I also love paper ephemera in every form. I rescue old letters and photos and ticket stubs that would otherwise fade into nothingness. I can’t bear for them to be forgotten.

My most favourite book of ALL TIME is Pride & Prejudice. I have many different editions and read it over and over again.

2011 brings with it many challenges – i will take at least 1 photo a day, i will try at least 1 new recipe a week, i will exercise (a bit) more, i will make new friends and i will be brave and try new things.

I’m excited for the crazy ride that is the future ♥

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