Snack attack

26 Mar

I was feeling rather peckish this afternoon, so instead of fading away to a shadow (ha, unlikely) –  i had some rice crackers with organic gouda cheese & semi dried tomato. Umm, yum.


I bought this sweet pink tumbler while i was away. It combines so many of my favourite things – it’s coloured glass – it’s pink coloured glass – it’s got a pearly shimmery shine on it – it has fleur-de-lis symbols on it (my fave, i plan on getting a tattoo of one…one day) – and it’s cute.

SO cute.

I sat out on the front porch and watched the world go by, with my ever-present sidekick at my feet.

Do you like the little buddha solar light? The Mr got it for his birthday last week.

Yes...i name my plants....

Cordelia the Cordyline is growing well, but Tommy the Tomato accidently got decapitated by the edge trimmer. Apparently.

Very sleepy street

Not much happening at my place this afternoon! What are you up to? xx


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