23 Feb

I had a total blonde moment. I FORGOT that i have the most amazing book ever, that i picked up from a 2nd hand book store a few years ago. I feel i’ve betrayed it’s awesomeness by storing it right at the bottom of a box, hidden away from the light of day, choking it in dust and withholding  it from realising it’s full potential.

Are you intruiged?

I’ll take some pics and do a seperate post on it, but for now……the back cover. How perfectly do the scrabble tiles fit in the little areas? Like a hand and a glove.


One Response to “54/365”

  1. Katie 25/02/2011 at 2:05 pm #

    At this moment, I wish I had scrabble to reinact that photo. I love it. Love you & your posts!!


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