I am an avocado fiend.

31 Jan

I demolished an entire avocado on my own for lunch. Pig!

6 Responses to “I am an avocado fiend.”

  1. lindsay - scenic glory 01/02/2011 at 1:03 am #

    omg avocados are my favorite 🙂 looks so so good! hey i featured you on my sunday spotlight post (on monday!) yay xoxo

  2. Sam Lorton 01/02/2011 at 1:52 am #

    Hey look! I’m talking about you!!! Hope you don’t mind.. I used one of your gorgeous photos 🙂


  3. jen 01/02/2011 at 3:21 am #

    Oooh,I adore avocados….but weirdly have never had them by themselves like that, I’d have them with chicken or a salad or something…but you’re photo makes them look pretty appealing by themselves right now!

  4. kelli 01/02/2011 at 5:19 am #

    Ooooo…is that pig-ish? I do it all the time! I just shared one with my girls for lunch. Except my little Kate calls them ‘Cados’.

    Thanks for stopping by No. 7 and leaving a message 🙂

    • The Fancy Flea 01/02/2011 at 7:44 am #

      I don’t think it’s really piggish, i mean it’s healthy, right? 😀

  5. Trina Curran 02/02/2011 at 1:44 am #

    That looks so yummy!!! I love getting avocados on sandwiches at Subway. 🙂 Found you through Scenic Glory, and I love your blog!

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