There are no shrimps on my barbie.

24 Jan

It’s nearly Australia Day and i’m excited! It’s one of the only days you can dress up in a spectacularly silly fashion, apply flag tattoos to your face and drink beer all day. I just read a great post on Mamamia about “Aussie-isms”, the things that we as a nation love and embrace, those we cringe at and those that we’d rather the tourists didn’t try and say – because nobody says that! 😛

I thought i’d compile a list of words and phrases that we do occasionally say, and what they mean!

Growing up, my parents used to say Do you think we live in a tent? if we didn’t shut the door behind us.

We never put shrimps  on the barbie but we do put prawns and snags on it.

If you’re calling in to the bottle-o on your way home, chances are you’ll visit a liquor store.

If you’re talking about a place that’s quite a distance from where you are, or a small or outback place, you don’t need to bother saying the name of it – just say woop woop.

If you’ve been behaving in a rather rude manner, chances are you’ll get told to pull your head in.

When someone thanks you for something, it’s pretty common to reply No worries.

If you a) can’t remember or b) can’t be bothered remembering someone’s name, Old mate refers to pretty much anyone.

We really do say Mate, but it’s very rarely prefixed with a G’day.

Arvo and Arvie both refer to Afternoon.

If someone asks you where the Dunny is, they’re referring to the toilet. Servo is a service station.

Bugger is a particularly useful word. It can be used in the place of a swear word, if something was quite cheap it cost bugger all and if you wanted someone to go away, a bugger off would get your point across 😛

And nobody says crikey. Or streuth. Except perhaps Alf Stewart off Home & Away….

Looking forward to the 26th – stay tuned for lots of photos 😀


One Response to “There are no shrimps on my barbie.”

  1. Erin Ward 25/01/2011 at 12:55 am #

    I’m pretty sure woop woop is my favorite one. Ha!

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