“Gone Bush”

8 Jan

So the Mr has been working nights (and therefore sleeping during the day) this past week. I decided to get out of the house for a little while, and so took myself on a little adventure. I’ve previously mentioned a little bit about where i live – which is the Australian Outback. Drive about 5 minutes out of town and you’re in the bush. We have a lake about 20km’s out of town, which is both our town’s water source, and a place for recreation.

On the way! How pretty are the clouds 🙂

On my way i noticed the spot where a bushfire had ripped through a few weeks ago…

The gumtrees are so lovely…

Can you see how the leaves on this tree are mostly red but there’s a green patch at the back that escaped the heat?

"It'll take more than a measly bushfire to get rid of ME"

Oh the skies are so big out here.

And the people are very friendly. I had three different cars stop behind me to see that i wasn’t in trouble, being parked on the side of the road. How nice is that?

I finally got out to the lake, and spent some time sitting by the water. You can see a picture in the post below! 🙂

One Response to ““Gone Bush””

  1. Vic 09/01/2011 at 6:37 am #

    What a beautiful scene and how nice of them to stop and make sure your alright! these are some of the most amazing clouds i’ve ever seen. i always try to capture them:) there is just something about the sky that puts me at peace:) thanks so much for joining us on FTLOB. I just cleaned the category pages, so you should def. add your blog to the photography one! Have a beautiful day!

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