Fill in the blank friday!

23 Apr

It’s Fill in the blank Friday over at the little things we do, so i thought i’d play along!

1.   Fridays are : for fun, frolicking and food.

2. My husband, my family, my friends and my cat make me terribly happy. As does chocolate.

3.  Something that inspires me is the ANZACS. This coming Monday is  ANZAC Day – you’ll find me at the Dawn Service, paying tribute to the brave Australians & New Zealanders who died keeping our shores safe.

4.  If I had the day off today I wouldwell i do have the day off! I’m spending it with the Mr, doing chores and getting ready for Easter tomorrow.

5.  If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is vintage and eclectic. Our house definitely reflects my style over the Mr’s. It’s quite bright and feminine with lots of books, vintage ornaments and photos.

6.  Concerning politics I would say I’m pretty disappointed by our current Prime Minister. The opposition is even worse though, so what can you do?

7. I’d like to go to Europe so I could see the sights. Must do that in the next few years!

I hope you’re having a lovely Easter weekend! ♥


Have you met Clare?

20 Apr

Clare of Clare Metcalf Photography is a dear friend of mine, who happens to be a fabulous photographer in Melbourne, Australia. Her unique style is natural and fresh, and always captures the essence of the event or subject.


Not only is she talented, but she is also incredibly versatile – she can switch from wedding photography to children’s photography in a flash (Pun intended).

A few months ago i posted some photos from our wedding – Clare flew to Tasmania to be one of our witnesses and photograph our day. You can see the blog post Here.

Visit Clare’s Blog or “like” her Facebook Page to stay up to date with her latest work !

I am not a domestic goddess

19 Apr

I had Vine-Ripened Tomato with Baby Spinach & Feta Soup for dinner. It was delicious. Thick, full of flavour and just the right amount of chunks 🙂

It came from a carton.

Did you just faint?

That’s right, a carton 😛

You see, as much as i love to cook, sometime i just can’t be bothered. I felt somewhat fraudulent mincing about the Blogosphere full of amazing home-cooks and their amazing creations, and then there’s me who busts out the occasional moment of deliciousness.

And then i got over it. This isn’t a food blog, it’s a life blog…and sometimes i create share-worthy meals and share them. I love food, love reading about it, cooking it, eating it, photographing it. I have a ridiculously large collection of recipe books. But i’m not going to even attempt to create the facade of perfection…because that’s just not me. Give me real life any day!

I feel like i’m starting to find my feet in this cyber world of Blogs. The Fancy Flea has been around for 4 months now, and in that time i’ve almost walked away countless times. But along the way i’ve been propped up by complete strangers who took the time to comment on my post, and “met” some truly lovely people who i’d love to someday meet. I’ve been blinded by shiny pretty things, inspired by creative genius and had a glimpse of the lives of people on the other side of the world.

I feel secure in myself.

Well…that went in a totally different direction than i thought it would! Check out Donna Hay’s Roasted Pumpkin Soup , you won’t be disappointed ♥

A favourite…

18 Apr

I took this photo about 6 weeks ago when i was home – this is my second family and i love them to bits. We had a very impromptu “sesh”, and this is one of my most favourite photos that i’ve ever taken.

It shows a moment in time. A perfectly imperfect moment in time. This is how i think a family portrait should be!

I also wanted to say thank you SO much to everyone who shared their hints and tricks in flea elimination. I’ll get rid of those suckers if it’s the last thing i do! 😛 xx

…And then the cat got fleas.

17 Apr

I picked the wrong week to go AWOL. My darling friend Katie from Chicken Noodle Gravy featured little ol’ me on her lovely blog! You can read the post Here 😀

Katie is a total wordsmith, the way she writes is so…melodic. Her words just flow. And her words about me made me cry happy tears! Thank you Katie, it means the world to me that you think so highly of me and my photography ♥

I haven’t posted in a couple of days, i think i’ve been in a slump. I get that way sometimes, i’m kind of a diva 😛 This is what i’ve been up to…

Sweet potato, asparagus & portobello mushroom risotto

Thats me in a wheel. Its just the way i roll.


A glass of red at dusk. Nice.

 I’ve also discovered a new TV show. It’s called Leverage. Have you seen it? I’ve been watching it online.

We also had a rental inspection by the real estate. I went mental cleaning and tidying, but they barely checked anything and then told me it was the most nicely furnished/decorated place on their books. Naturally the oven died the next day!

And last but not least, the cat had fleas. I never thought i would find it so embarrassing, but it seems to be on par with how you’d feel if your kid came home from school with headlice. You know it’s normal, you know it can happen even if your house and kid/furkid is clean…..but it’s just so gross!

So we’ve been madly washing sheets and cushions and vacuuming and accosted the cat with an assortment of flea products in a frenzy of flea elimination. I’d love to hear any handy hints or tricks you may wish to share!

The Mr now thinks the name of this blog is hilarious *cue eye roll from me* 😛

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to drop in and say hi to Katie at Chicken Noodle Gravy xx

Bloom Bloom

12 Apr

Yesterday i had fun playing around with my macro tubes, doing super close ups of some flowers. I love that if you get it close enough, it’s almost unrecognisable as a flower and makes you take a second look 🙂

These little darlings are so tiny and dainty ♥

Macro tubes are so much fun! You can get good expensive ones, or really inexpensive ones from ebay to play with, which is what i did 🙂

Picnic @ Peacock Park

10 Apr

Yesterday the Mr & I went on a little expedition  to the Lake a little way out of town. It has a huge fenced park nearby, where peacocks roam free!

I packed a delicious lunch of chicken sandwiches, cheese, fruit and a few little treats. And we drank raspberry lemonade. It was delicious.

The peacocks were very interested in our lunch…but there’s something not quite right about a peacock wanting chicken sandwiches…’d be like eating your cousin!

We ate passionfruit and figs and oranges too.

Isn’t he handsome? I love that man.

After lunch, the Mr had a little siesta

And i wandered the park, getting back to nature

Isn't it gorgeous?

On the way home we had Sugarland up loud and car-danced all the way home 🙂

I live for perfect days like these ♥